Knollwood Retirement Community - Caseyville


Knollwood Retirement Community 921 Knollwood Village Rd. Caseyville, Illinois 62232 Knollwood Retirement Center is located on the side of Highway 157, locally known as Main Street, about 1.5 miles north of Interstate 64 in St. Clair Retirement Center. The nearest hospital, Memorial Hospital in Belleville, is located approximately 5.5 miles away, and includes emergency and senior care among other services. Various medical offices, most of which are doctors’ offices affiliated with the hospital, are located near the hospital. The St. Clair Retirement Center Pharmacy is approximately .03 miles away.

Knollwood Retirement Community is part of the St. Clair County Transportation District that allows seniors 65+ to ride Metro Link and the Metro Bus in St. Clair and Madison Counties for free. Knollwood is 2.9 miles northeast of the Fairview Heights Metro Link station. St. Clair Retirement Center is close to one of the largest concentrations of retail in the St. Louis region with Lincoln Place, Marketplace, Crossroads Center, and St. Clair Square offering a variety of national and regional retailers. The St. Clair Retirement Center Village Hall and Community Center hold events including line dancing, card games and a luncheon at no cost for seniors each month. The Sonnenberg Center branch of the YMCA also offers a wide range of activities for seniors. Knollwood Retirement Community is only a 15-minute drive from downtown St. Louis which features many attractions.