"Knollwood Retirement Center is a wonderful place to live. We are more than residents, we are family. Knollwood is truly our home. We have so many activities to choose from. The standard of care is outstanding. We have a staff that works so hard to meet our every need. It’s all done so loving that I especially have to give a hug to each person in housekeeping. Every member of the staff looks after us, as if they’re looking after their own Mom or Dad. You can’t beat that. We are so fortunate to have a home like Knollwood." -Mary, Resident 


Welcome to Knollwood Retirement Communities

The philosophy of Knollwood Management Services drives its decisions and tells a simple but powerful story: To provide everything our residents need to make life easier and worry free. We believe all seniors have earned nothing less than the best we can give them.

The Knollwood idea for supportive living came directly from the hopes and expectations of seniors. Individuals of both genders and across all income levels expressed the same needs and wants:

  • A residential environment, not an institutional setting
  • Privacy
  • Comfort
  • Security
  • As much independence as possible
  • To stay involved and engaged in their communities
  • To remain accessible to their family and friends.

Illinois’ Supported Living Program ensures that this highly desirable environment is available to seniors at all income levels.


Mission Statement


Knollwood Retirement Community is dedicated to quality care for our residents. This is reflected and promoted on an everyday basis by employee staff, our health and wellness programs and the facilities. We strive for a home like atmosphere surrounded by a level of assistance tailored to the needs of the individual. We are aware that our facility is multi-functional in scope and has an impact on many parties. This includes but is not limited to our residents, families, friends, local religious organizations, and vendors which supply services to us as well as the community at large. Therefore, our goal is to be a positive force to the residents, fellow employees and anyone who we interact with as we represent both ourselves and all our other facilities. 


 Caseyville, Illinois

Call: 618.394.0569